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  School Holiday Spellcraft for children:

The Fairy & Elf world
Learn about the 13 magickal beings on the SpellBox wheel of the Elves with Danae.
Wednesday 23rd Septmeber, 11am to 12pm, Ages 5-12

Teen Magick
Experience the world of witchcraft & release the witch or wizard within you!
Wednesday 23rd or 30th Septmeber, 1pm to 2pm. Ages 13-17

Mermaid Magick
Explore the mystery and magick of the mermaids and the sea. Thursday 24th September, 11am to 12pm or Friday 25th September, 1pm to 2pm, Ages 5-12

Magick of the Angels
Connect with your magickal angels and guides in this fun class! Friday 25th September, 11am to 12pm or Thursday 24th September, 1pm to 2pm, Ages 5-12 

Learn about Spells, crystals, animal familiars, dreams and divination.
Wednesday 30th September 11am-12pm 0r Thursday 1st October 1pm-2pm or Friday 2nd October 11am-12pm, Ages 5-12 

Crystal Magick
Choose your crystal and weave its magick!
Thursday 1st October, 11am-12pm or Friday 2nd October 1pm-2pm, Ages 5-12

Phone: 9639 7077 to book your magick seat. Bookings essential! Cost: $35 per class (includes an enchanting gift).
Limited spaces available.

 Bewitching workshops for Adults

The Spring Equinox
Create a spell and mystical charm for a new beginning as life rises as Spring at the Equinox.
Friday September 18th
With Danae the SpellBox Witch
Cost $90

Magick of the Undine
Create your own mermaid spell, through mediation and ritual as you explore the watery depths of the mystery and magick of sirens.
Thursday 22nd October
With Elizabeth
Costs $90

The Myths of Samhain & Beltane
These two beautiful sabbats acknowledge the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Unleash your yearning to experience myth, ritual, magick and a world beyond the mundane.
Friday 30th October
With Danae the Spellbox witch
Costs $90

Tarot for Beginners
By looking deeply into the tarot cards a profound perspective can be obtained, a journey into the psyche for the purpose of understanding, awareness and healing.
Sunday 1th November
With Candy
12pm-5pm Cost: $90
Bring a tarot deck or purchase one at SpellBox for 20% off with your workshop receipt.

Beginning your Book of Shadows
Explore the magick of creative expression through writing and spells. This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to begin your own book of shadows!
Thursday 12th November
With Elizabeth
Cost: $90
Bring a journal or purchase one at SpellBox for 20% off with your workshop receipt.

Mirror of the Muses
The magick of mirror gazing and scrying. Enchantments, mirror spells and psychic activation will be explored and experienced.
Saturday 21st November
With Danae the SpellBox witch
Cost: $110
Bring a mirror or purchase one at SpellBox for 20% off with your workshop receipt.

Numerology for beginners
Learn to use numbers in your everyday life. Beginning with your birth date to discover your challenges and talents in life. A tool you can use to accomplish your passion and dreams.
Sunday 22nd November
With Sandrah
Cost $90

Meditation group
Encompassing discussion and knowledge expansion on chakras, animal totems, guides, angels or loved ones.
Every second Wednesday Night
With Sandrah
Cost $30

To Book a Magickal Workshop: Phone (03) 9639 7077 or book in store. Booking confirm on payment.   24 hours cancellation notice entitles a credit for a future class. No refund.